Viet Son Mechanical is distinguished by its rich experience in processing - manufacturing, owning a system of modern processing machinery and a team of highly qualified engineers, which have created products of high complexity, satisfying the needs of customers. market demand for linked ciphertext, Sigma, C, Z, Omega, Uchannel, LightFrame..

What is a link ciphertext? Link code at Viet Son Mechanical

 What is a linked ciphertext (ciphertext)?

Some of the shapes of ciphertext we often see are trapezoidal or rectangular. But depending on the job requirements, there are also circular or oval ciphertexts…There is a type of bolt that is often used with the ciphertext that is the anchor bolt.

In addition to being used to connect the ends of concrete piles, the ciphertext is also used as a joint at bend points, discrete connections to support the transfer of stress between the details participating in the connection. Thereby, strengthening the joints and the grip force between them.

We have many methods such as connecting components through joints such as welding, bolts, screws ...

Linked ciphertext (ciphertext) at Viet Son Mechanical

Application of ciphertext for pre-engineered steel buildings, KOALA light steel buildings, civil construction, industry, high-tech agriculture... Viet Son Mechanics applies plasma iron cutting technology, cutting iron sheets to create ciphertexts. , art iron pattern, steel plate, shaped steel, ... high quality. In particular, we also have Laser cutting technology to improve the accuracy of detail quality, improve product quality for customers.

Link ciphertext image


We offer you the following services:

Get the link ciphertext cut. Cut ciphertext with all shapes: square, round, ladder, oval, ...

We perform on the CNC process to ensure the design standards set by the customer.

The ciphertext meets the technical standards when discussing delivered to the customer.

Fast cutting time, on-time delivery.

 Cold-rolled thin-walled steel (SmartFarme technology) Sigma, C, Z, Omega, U Channel, Lightframe

What is cold-rolled thin-walled steel?

Is a type of steel structure including structural steel products created by forming from 1 - 3mm flat thin steel sheet (ingot), to create different shapes that can withstand large loads, has a lighter weight than normal steel structures. Can be substituted for conventional steel structures.

Cold-rolled thin-walled steel (SmartFarme technology) at Viet Son Mechanical

SmartFrame solution includes: a ProCAD design software, a ProCAM machine control programming software, a steel structure bar production line with smart light steel frame rolling machine - Smart Frame Roll Forming Machine.SmartFame solution calculates design according to European standards, technology and machines are transferred from Australia. SmartFrame technology applied to industrial buildings, warehouses and light steel buildings.

Flexible SmartFarme technology helps investors to build buildings and factories with modern architectural design, fast, durable, sturdy, environmentally friendly and low cost high efficiency.

Reduce overall investment costs (reduce weight to foundation, reduce steel volume, reduce machining costs, etc.)

Quick erection, allowing modular assembly, very flexible and diverse structural connection.

Various cross-sectional shapes, according to the design requirements, feature bearing geometry, which is beneficial because of the reasonable material distribution, and the own standards for cold rolled steel.

Image Bar Sigma, C, Z, Omega, U Channel, Lightframe


We offer you the following services:

Receive and process Sigma, C, Z, Omega, U Channel, Lightframe Bars.. to meet all technical standards when handing over to customers.

We perform on the CNC process to ensure the design standards set by the customer.

Fast production time, on-time delivery.



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