Viet Son Mechanical is distinguished by its rich experience in processing - manufacturing, owning a system of modern CNC machining machines and a team of highly qualified engineers, which have created products of high complexity, satisfying the needs of customers. Accuracy tolerances up to 0.001 mm with outstanding machining speed and output.


Machining of super-heavy CNC parts

Large parts or super-heavy machine parts are usually head assemblies, crankshafts, large diameter steel pipe blocks, gears, flywheels, machine parts, tanks, ... .Because of their specificity (non-standard) and special (less common), large machine parts become even more important, requiring them to be processed on large machines with large capacity and precision. tall body.

The machine frame is the frame that helps the machine firmly, with the task of shaping products or linking machine parts to form a complete machine such as gearbox chassis, concrete casting machine frame, cnc machine frame or machine frame other manufacturing processing. With the above important tasks, the chassis must have a solid structure and high rigidity as well as good bearing capacity.

Viet Son Mechanical is a strong unit in the mechanical processing industry, owns large-sized machines with modern CNC machining technology such as: CNC bed milling machine SNK 7.5m – Fanuc 15m, Okuma 3m bed milling machine – Fanuc 0M, Okuma CNC milling machine – Fanuc 21m, 4-axis CNC milling machine – Fanuc 0m, and especially Hision CNC bed milling machine can process details up to 12m and 12 tons.

Machining CNC parts with high precision

Modern CNC machining machines (automatic control based on computer programming) process parts with accuracy in size, structure, shape up to +/- 0.001mm compared to traditional machines. only +/-0.005 mm. Besides, the product processing time is faster, achieving high hardness and durability over time.With a team of highly qualified engineers with extensive experience in many domestic and foreign projects, the super-heavy-weight machining products at Viet Son Mechanical are professionally designed and programmed with modern equipment. It helps to achieve high product accuracy and aesthetics.

Viet Son Mechanical sends you the following services:

Producing and processing large parts, large assemblies, structures of large machines such as: Plastic injection machine table, concrete casting machine frame, blow frame, other machine frame.Producing and processing parts of gears, flywheels with large diameters, factory frames and many other large-sized equipment in factories and workshops.

Producing and processing other complicated super-heavy and super-heavy parts to meet the requirements of investors.

Producing and processing super-weighted details in industries such as aviation, marine ...

We perform on the CNC process to ensure the design standards set by the customer.

Fast production time, on-time delivery.



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