Solar Farm frame is a solution from SmartFrame technology, applied for solar farm projects, large-scale solar power projects.

SOLAR FARM FRAME Solution at Viet Son Mechanical

Viet Son Mechanical owns flexible SmartFrame technology to help investors build solar farms, standard solar frames, frames for rooftop solar quickly, standards and technologies. Australia.

SmartFrame technology includes: SmartShed software, Sigma, C, Z bar making machine, Batten purlin, pressing machine and CNC Laser cutting machine. SmartShed software is a complete software package, from design, production control to assembly instructions.

All machines are synchronized with SmartShed software, and integrated automatic code printer on the product. Simultaneously automatically resize the profile, automatically cut to any length, automatically punch holes according to the program.

The structure is made from high strength galvanized steel – Rolled profile – No welding and no painting which is environmentally friendly and easy to assemble.

Solar Farm Frame products are designed with minimalism, high durability - light weight - low cost - high economic efficiency when implementing solar and rooftop solar farm projects.

The structural bars are connected by bolts without welding to save time, easy to disassemble and move, and minimize construction costs at the site.

Products that meet Simplicity - Quick assembly - High durability - Synchronized technical standards due to being manufactured on industrial lines. The price is lower than traditional materials from 10-30%, the product is superior in modernity, speed, economy and convenience in European and Southeast Asian countries.

Implementation process:
  1. Customer requirements.
  2. Design software.

  3. 3D modeling, 2D drawing of material catalogs and quotes, CNC data for manufacturing.

  4. SmartShed necklace.

  5. Sigma/C/Z products.

  6. Complete Solar Frame.
Viet Son Mechanical sends you the solution:

Design and manufacture according to customer requirements for standard solar frames, solar farm frames.

We follow the process to ensure compliance with design standards according to customer requirements.



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