In recent years, Vietnam is one of the most prominent countries in the world with outstanding economic and industrial development. Especially, the mechanical engineering industry has made great contributions to the development and prosperity of the country.

Recognizing the importance of modern contexts, Viet Son Mechanical was born to meet the development needs of society and industry of the country. Always keep the motto "take quality first", Viet Son investing in the infrastructure system with modern and synchronous machinery and equipment and a team of professional staff. 

Viet Son always proud to be the unit professional and reputable in providing mechanical processing services, solar frame and construction steel structure construction.

Viet Son factory
The company provides the most quality and reputable machining machinery services in the market today.

The unit with the most developed system of machinery and infrastructure in the market.

Over the years Viet Son Mechanical constantly investing and developing to meet the increasing demands for mechanical services of customers. This is evident in the modern machinery system, the most developed infrastructure compared to other units in Ho Chi Minh City.

The company has more than 11,000 m2 of solidly built factory to meet the needs of designing and executing large-scale projects. Not only developing infrastructure, leaders of Viet Son Mechanical Co., Ltd also pay special attention to investing in the most modern and advanced machinery system on the market.

With more than 20 types of state-of-the-art machinery and equipment such as: 6m CNC milling machine, 1500 * 3000 laser cutting machine, Sigma, Omega metal forming mill, ... Modern equipment is an important factor to help you you can execute super-weighted projects. And construct even projects with high difficulty, requiring meticulous techniques.

Mechanical processing factory
Machining machiner factory.

Diverse and plentiful mechanical services

The number of customers interested in and choosing Viet Son Engineering has increased sharply recently partly due to the diversity and abundance of services provided by the company. All needs of design and construction of large and small projects are best met by the company such as:

1. Manufacturing & Construction Smartframe light steel building.

2. Manufacturing & Construction of frames - Solar accessories.

3. Fabrication of stell buildings & palang girder frames.

4. Machine fabrication & super-weighted CNC maching.

Mechanical processing machines
CNC machine.


Viet Son Engineering is a mechanical engineering company with the most powerful staff in Ho Chi Minh City today. The company has more than 50 workers with high professional qualifications and experience. The staff of the unit can complete all projects well thanks to the skillful combination of mechanical technology, automation, and software to response building standard and non-standard steel buildings.

In addition, the team of Viet Son Mechanical workers is well-trained to ensure the construction of works meeting high standards of quality and safety. During the construction process, the staff are always enthusiastic and dedicated to bring customers the most satisfaction and comfort.

Highly qualified expert staff.

Fast and professional working process

Viet Son Mechanical is the most professional construction unit on the market today. This is evident in the following factors:

  • Contracts for construction of works are professionally built, presented methodically and clearly, ensuring the interests of partners.
  • During the construction process, there is no additional cost compared to the original agreed cost.
  • The work is designed and constructed according to the standards set out by the unit.
  • The company uses high quality stainless steel raw materials to ensure outstanding stability and durability for pre-engineered steel buildings.
  • A team of experienced construction supervision staff ensures that works are constructed in accordance with technical regulations and safety.
  • Construction time is guaranteed according to the contract.
  • All pre-engineered steel buildings, machine details, chassis ... are warranted to give customers absolute peace of mind.
Viet Son Engineering is a professional construction unit with high quality
Viet Son Engineering is a professional construction unit with high quality

Viet Son Engineering is the leading provider of professional mechanical services in Vietnam and neighboring countries. 

Viet Son - Cooperation for mutual development!