Viet Son Mechanical is distinguished by its rich experience in processing – manufacturing, owning a system of modern processing machinery and a team of highly qualified engineers, which have created products of high complexity, satisfying the needs of customers. the market needs of solar accessories such as cable trays, ladders., working floors.

Solar accessories and cable tray products, working floors, ladders are manufactured at Viet Son Mechanical

  • Solar cable tray

Cable trays or electrical troughs are troughs made of corrugated iron, used for conducting electrical cables.

  • Solar cable tray ladder

Simple cable tray ladder consisting of ladders. The rungs are perforated, making it easy to fasten cables or clamp cables directly onto ladders for electrical and telecommunications cables. Supports heavy cables, bundles and pipes in long and interconnected installations.

Cable tray ladder has the advantage of easy checking of wires as well as convenience in repairing electrical systems when problems occur.

  • Solar operation floor

Solar operating floors are also known as working corridors, they are structured like a trough with a bottom machined anti-slip ribbed to help the installation, operation and maintenance of the solar power system be carried out. perform more safely, protecting corrugated iron roofs for solar power systems installed on factory roofs.

Fabrication and production of Cable trays, Cable tray ladders, Working floors at Viet Son Mechanical

With advanced manufacturing technology of working floors combined with a team of skilled technicians, we are committed to bringing to the market the product line of Cable trays, Cable tray ladders, Solar working floors with guaranteed quality, meet the project schedule well.

Cable trays, Cable tray ladders, Working floors and other accessories for the solar power system of Vien Son Mechanical are trusted by many solar power system construction contractors.

We offer you the following services:

Accept manufacturing and production of Working Floors, Cable Trays, Troughs and other solar accessories at the request of customers, large projects on solar power farms.

We perform on the CNC process to ensure the design standards set by the customer.

The code meets the technical standards when handed over to the customer.

Fast production time, on-time delivery.

Price list of solar accessories, Cable trays, Ladders, Working floors at Viet Son Mechanical.



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