Solar Tracker is a solution from Viet Son Mechanical’s SmartFrame technology, an advanced product line for solar farms and large-scale solar power projects.

SOLAR TRACKER solution at Viet Son Mechanical

Based on the enthusiastic research of the team of Engineers and the entire Viet Son Mechanical team has successfully researched and manufactured the Solar Tracker solution.

  • Solar frame uses SmartFrame technology

Viet Son Mechanical owns a flexible SmartFrame to help investors build solar farms, standard solar frames, frames for rooftop solar quickly, Australian standards and technology. .

The structure is made from high strength galvanized steel – Rolled profile – No welding and no painting which is environmentally friendly and easy to assemble. The structural bars are connected by bolts without welding to save time, easy to disassemble and move, and reduce construction costs at the site. (See also Solar farm frame)

  • Tracking section

The basic principle of the solar tracker system is to compare the current tilt angle of the system with the optimal one. Optimal tracking angle is calculated using a highly accurate equation based on time, time zone for each area, longitude, latitude from sensors and GPS. The solar tracker system will control from the actual tilt angle to the optimal tilt angle.

This ensures that the solar panels are always at the optimal angle to direct sunlight. This way the solar rig will receive more solar radiation during the day, increasing the total amount of electrical energy generated.

Implementation process:

  1. Customer requirements
  2. Design software
  3. 3D models, 2D drawings of material lists and quotes, CNC data for production
  4. SmartShed . Necklace
  5. Sigma/C/Z . Products
  6. Installation of transmission devices
  7. Solar Tracker is complete



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