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Production & installation of solar frame – accessories

Solar, also known as solar energy, is becoming a trend and is of great interest to many countries around the world, including Vietnam. Currently, the state and private sector are promoting increased investment in using this special renewable energy source.

Viet Son is one of the units with extensive experience in processing, designing, and manufacturing popular solar frames in provinces in the South such as Ninh Thuan, Binh Thuan, Tay Ninh,…


Điện mặt trời - Solar energy.
Solar energy

With the mechanism of converting energy from sunlight into electrical energy for humans to use for daily life and work. The use of solar electricity can be direct or indirect depending on different purposes.

To provide clean electricity and protect the environment, Viet Son has been and is participating in construction projects for solar farms and solar rooftops.


Viet Son quickly grasps the practical needs of life and production. Viet Son is evaluated as one of the pioneering units in the production and installation of the largest solar frame in the South.

Kết cấu thép được sử dụng rộng rãi trong xây dựng
Solar frame processed and manufactured by Viet Son

Viet Son manufactures and processes solar frames using lightweight steel processing technology, which maximizes input material savings and optimizes production costs for solar projects.

Kỹ sư sản xuất khung solar Việt Sơn
Viet Son's solar frame production engineers

With advantages in fast production speed, processing, and quick installation time, Viet Son now covers provinces such as Ninh Thuan, Binh Thuan, Tay Ninh, … And at the same time, Viet Son also receives high trust from investment units in solar energy production.

With this general trend, the global market is promoting the development of solar energy in households (Roof-top resident), solar energy for factories (Foof-top factory), and Solar Plant – solar power plants.


The benefits that Solar Farm brings us cannot be underestimated, which is a clean renewable energy source. The cost of using solar energy for households is more optimal than using the national grid.

Additionally, Solar Farms can utilize unused land for agriculture to increase the land’s value.

Thông tin chung về thị trường Solar Power
Solar Power Market Overview


Rooftop solar is becoming more popular, especially in the southern provinces, where the location is favorable due to its proximity to the equator and the number of sunny days in a year is higher than in other regions. With a smaller scale than Solar Farms, the rooftop solar model (Roof-top resident) is also a popular choice for many households to optimize living space while increasing the value of their property.

Điện mặt trời mái nhà giải pháp sản xuất điện hiệu quả.
Rooftop solar is an efficient electricity production solution

Installing solar panels on the roof reduces costs compared to installing them on the ground. Placing solar panels in high areas also prevents external interference. Furthermore, rooftop solar turns solar panels into shields to limit environmental impacts on the roof.

Việt Sơn tại triễn lãm Solar
Viet Son at the Solar Exhibition


Các loại tấm lợp

Roofing sheets

Bolts – Nails – Screws

Vật liệu cách nhiệt

Insulation materials

Đai và form liên kết thép

Steel connecting straps and forms

Bộ phận viền ốp, chống nước

Waterproof edge and trim parts

For more detailed information about the production process and service of designing, constructing and installing Solar Farms and rooftop solar for large facilities or households, please contact the hotline for professional advice.

For details on Solar frame production and installation services, please contact the HOTLINE for advice.