CNC machining at Viet Son Mechanical Company Limited

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Viet Son Mechanical
Viet Son Mechanical

We are a leading CNC machining unit, specializing in providing high quality and diverse CNC machining services. With a team of experienced technicians and modern equipment, we are committed to bringing absolute satisfaction to customers.

Overview of CNC machining

CNC concept

CNC (Computer Numerical Control) is a program-based automatic machine control technology. It allows manufacturing precision products with high reliability.

Wide applicantion

CNC machining is used in many industries such as mechanical, automotive, aerospace, electronics and medical thanks to its precision machining capabilities and high performance.

CNC machining benefits

High precision and consistent product quality assurance
Thanks to CNC technology (computerized automatic control), the machining process is more accurate than manual machining.

Large machining productivity saves time

Thanks to the nature of the machines’ tireless operation and automated processes, production speeds are faster. Thereby helping businesses process a large number of products in a short time.

Cost savings

Traditional machining depends heavily on the experienced skills of engineers, so errors cannot be avoided. CNC machining helps production minimize errors and eliminate unnecessary waste.

CNC technology and applications

CNC technology has transformed the manufacturing industry with the use of CNC machines to machine precision parts from a variety of materials.

CNC milling machining

CNC bed milling machine
CNC bed milling machine

CNC milling machines are also very popular in creating 2D and 3D parts with high precision.

Laser processing


Laser cutting machine
Laser cutting machine
CNC Laser Machining: is the process of melting, evaporating and gradually removing material from the workpiece using a laser beam. The laser beam control system includes: optics, support gas and data to direct the laser beam focused on the workpiece. The benefits that this method brings are increased processing speed, avoid wasting resources and can be performed on many sizes of materials.

CNC turning machining


CNC lathe machining is a form of axial rotation of the workpiece with stages including: cutting, grinding, shooting… with supporting tools such as turret lathes and engine lathes. In some difficult stages, this machining method also uses straight turning, taper turning, external grooves and threads.

CNC machining service at Viet Son Mechanical Company Limited

Viet Son Mechanical specializes in providing detailed CNC milling services. With many years of experience in the field of mechanical processing and the opportunity to work with thousands of large and small customers at home and abroad. Viet Son is confident to be one of the No. 1 mechanical processing companies in Ho Chi Minh City today.

Quality guaranteed

With a team of professional technicians and strict quality control, we are committed to our products always being of the highest quality.

Some processed products

Folding CNC frame
Folding CNC frame
Blower frame
Blower frame
Folding CNC frame
Folding CNC frame
Workflow and product quality
We follow professional working procedures to ensure the quality of CNC machined products. From raw material preparation, processing techniques to final quality inspection.
Step 1: Receive your request, check specifications and quote the order
Step 2: Plan to design and manufacture the machine in accordance with the requirements
Step 3: Proceed to production based on the most modern technology
Step 4: Check the order for quantity, size and quality of the product before handing over
Step 5: Once completed, hand over to the customer as requested
Why should CNC machining be done at Viet Son Mechanical?

Modern machinery and equipment: Viet Son Mechanical is equipped with modern machinery and equipment to perform effectively and with quality.

High precision: Using advanced machinery and technology, Viet Son Mechanical has the ability to work with high precision, helping the final product have accurate dimensions and characteristics.
Meet large output: Viet Son Mechanical has the ability to meet large output, this is especially important if you have a large order or need to mass produce products.
Fully certified materials: Viet Son Mechanical is capable of providing quality certified steel materials, ensuring that your products comply with safety and quality standards.
Guaranteed on schedule: Viet Son Mechanical can confirm the progress of the project and ensure that your order will be completed on time, this is especially important in construction and industrial production. .
Prestige and quality: Viet Son Mechanical has a reputation in the metal and steel processing industry, and they are recognized for the quality of their products and services.
Above is information about CNC machining of Viet Son Mechanical. If you need processing, please contact Viet Son immediately for support!

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