Laser Cutting Processing: The Optimal Choice for Modern Production

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In the era of industrialization and modernization, metal laser cutting method is becoming more and more popular and developing strongly. Using advanced CNC machine technology, laser cutting is capable of processing a variety of materials such as stainless steel, iron, steel, and many other types of metals.

Our metal laser cutting method ensures high precision and fast processing speed. Applicable for cutting metal sheets with a thickness of up to 20mm, producing machine parts, patterns, metal art products, and furniture.

Viet Son Mechanical, with prestige and top quality, is a reliable partner in the field of metal laser cutting processing, bringing satisfaction and meeting all customer requirements.

What is laser cutting?

Laser cutting is the process of using laser technology to cut and shape materials, usually metals such as steel, aluminum, or non-metallic materials such as ceramic, plastic, wood, and rubber.

This process is accomplished through the use of a laser beam that focuses and concentrates energy on the area to be cut, creating precise and sharp cuts.

Máy cắt laser
Laser cutting machine

Advantages of laser cutting processing method

Laser cutting technology offers many advantages, including:

High precision: Lasers are capable of creating edges and details with very high precision.
Flexible: Can cut complex shapes and produce products of diverse sizes and shapes without changing cutting tools.
Fast speed: The laser cutting process is usually quick, especially compared to traditional cutting methods.
No thermal distortion: Laser technology keeps the material being cut less susceptible to thermal distortion than some other methods.

No special cutting tools required: No separate knives or cutting tools required, reducing maintenance and replacement costs.

Gia công cắt laser
laser cutting machine

Laser cutting machining is widely used in many fields such as automobile manufacturing, aerospace industry, machine manufacturing, and metal and non-metal processing industries.

Types of laser processing services

Laser cutting services are becoming the top choice in many industrial fields, from agriculture to automobile mechanical manufacturing, aerospace, and many other fields. When deciding to use laser cutting services, quality, reputation, and price are important factors.

In Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Son Mechanical is a highly rated laser cutting address, receiving many positive feedback from customers. We provide CNC metal laser cutting machining services on a variety of materials, including:

Laser cutting on metal: Whether the metal is hard or soft, thick or thin, the laser cutting method can bring absolute perfection in quality and aesthetics.

Laser cutting of steel: Processing steel is relatively difficult, but modern laser technology can cut this material with a thickness of 1-20mm at high speed. Ensure details comply with drawings and technical requirements.

Iron laser cutting, stainless steel laser cutting, aluminum laser cutting….: We provide laser cutting services on many types of metals to meet a variety of customer needs.

Tấm nhôm
Aluminum plate


Tấm thép

Application of laser cutting machining method

Laser cutting machining has wide applications in various industries, thanks to the precision and versatility of this process. Below are some common applications of laser cutting:

Auto manufacturing: Laser cutting is used to produce metal parts for the auto industry, including chassis components, windows, and other parts.
Aerospace industry: In the production of aircraft parts and components requiring high precision, laser cutting is a popular choice.
Machine manufacturing: Manufacture of precision parts for industrial machinery and equipment, especially in the machine building industry.
Electronics industry: Laser cutting machining is used to cut and shape printed circuit boards (PCBs) and other electronic components.
Manufacturing of household appliances: Laser cutting can create metal and non-metallic parts for the production of household appliances such as decorative lights, fans, or furniture.
Medical industry: In the fabrication of precision medical parts, laser cutting machining is used to produce components of medical devices and medical instruments.
Advertising and art fabrication: Laser cutting can create symbols, logos, and promotional products with high precision and sharpness.
Household industry: Manufacture of household products such as interior decorations and daily utensils by cutting and shaping materials.
These applications are just a few examples, and laser cutting continues to open up many creative and productive opportunities in many different fields.

Sản phẩm gia công cắt laserLaser cutting processed products

Why should you do laser cutting at Viet Son Mechanical?

Laser cutting processing at Viet Son Mechanical brings many notable benefits, including:

Modern equipment: We use advanced CNC laser cutting machines, ensuring precision and high quality of your products.
Professional technical team: With a team of professional engineers and workers, we are committed to providing laser cutting processing services with the best quality.
Diverse applications: At Viet Son Mechanical, we have the ability to process a variety of materials and shape them into precise products as required.
Top quality: The combination of modern technology and long-term experience helps us achieve top product quality, meeting all strict standards and requirements.
Dedicated support service: We always listen and support customers wholeheartedly, from consulting to processing and delivery.

Contact us for a quote for laser cutting processing

We are pleased to serve and answer all your questions about the accurate and quality laser cutting service at Viet Son Mechanical. Don’t hesitate to contact us to receive a detailed laser cutting quote and full advice on applications, materials, and processing processes.

Let us be your reliable partner, providing optimal solutions for all your mechanical processing needs.

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