Viet Son Mechanical – A unit specializing in gear processing in Ho Chi Minh City

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The mechanical industry plays an important role in manufacturing and processing metal products, especially in the field of machinery and equipment. This industry contributes significantly to the development of the economy and industry.

In the mechanical industry, gears are considered one of the key details, of great importance in the process of transmission and movement control of machines. Gears are responsible for transmitting torque, creating synchronization and stability in the operation of mechanical devices.

Viet Son Mechanical is a professional unit in the field of mechanical processing, especially in the production and processing of gears. With many years of experience and investment in modern equipment, we have built a solid reputation in the industry.

Introduction to Viet Son Mechanical

History of formation and development: Viet Son Mechanical has a long history of formation and development in the mechanical industry in Vietnam. Established with the goal of providing quality and effective processing solutions, we have gradually built our reputation and position in the market.

Professional qualifications and experience in the field of gear processing: With a team of experienced technicians and experts, Viet Son Mechanical confidently affirms its ability to manufacture and process gears according to strict requirements. the tightest. We not only have extensive knowledge but also apply the latest technology in our work process.

Highly skilled technical staff: Viet Son Mechanical’s technical staff not only have high professional qualifications but are also skilled and creative. The ability to work as a team and solve problems flexibly helps us be quick and accurate in each project.

Modern machinery and equipment system: We invest heavily in the most modern machinery and equipment systems to ensure the machining process takes place accurately and efficiently. CNC machinery, milling machines, laser cutting machines and other equipment are carefully selected to meet all customer requirements.

CNC bed milling machine
                                                                                             CNC bed milling machine
CNC bed milling machine
                                                                       CNC bed milling machine

Gear processing service of Viet Son Mechanical

Viet Son Mechanical provides customers with quality, diverse and professional gear processing services. Below are the outstanding features of our services:

Diversity of gear types: We specialize in processing many types of gears such as bevel gears, cylindrical gears, screw gears… This diversity helps meet all needs and requirements of customers from many different fields. .

Processing according to customer requirements: We understand that each customer has unique requirements. Therefore, we flexibly process gears according to customers’ specific requirements, ensuring high accuracy and fully meeting technical requirements.

Quality meets international standards: Our gear processing products meet high quality standards, ensuring safety and optimal performance during use. A team of professional technicians monitors the production process to ensure product quality.

Competitive prices, professional service: We are committed to providing customers with the most competitive prices on the market, accompanied by professional customer care services. Customer satisfaction is our top priority.

Advantages of Viet Son Mechanical

Prestige and long-standing brand: We are proud of the reputation and brand that have been built over many years of operation in the field of gear processing. This trust is the result of a commitment to putting quality first and meeting all customer requirements.

Meet all customer requirements: We accept and flexibly meet all customer requirements, even the most demanding ones. The professionalism and high technique of the technician team ensures that each product meets the correct standards and technical requirements.

On-time delivery and guaranteed progress: We are committed to delivering on time, ensuring customers’ work progress. This helps your business operate efficiently and not suffer due to lack of materials.

Thoughtful warranty and after-sales service: Viet Son Mechanical not only provides high quality products but also has a thoughtful warranty and after-sales service. We are always ready to support customers during use and ensure their satisfaction and trust.

Some typical projects of Viet Son Mechanical


Why should you process gears at Viet Son Mechanical?

Viet Son Mechanical is a reputable gear manufacturing unit in Ho Chi Minh City. Using many different machining methods with a professional technical team in the mechanical industry in general and CNC gear machining in particular. Ensuring to deliver products with high accuracy rates according to customer requirements.

We own large-sized CNC machines with modern processing technology such as bed milling machines, lathes, etc.

In addition, Viet Son also has super heavy duty processing services such as vehicle head assemblies, driveshafts, large diameter steel pipe blocks, flywheels, machine parts, tanks, long tooth shaft processing…

Prestigious and quality gear processing unit in Ho Chi Minh City

Viet Son Mechanical is proud to be a prestigious and reliable address in the field of gear processing in Ho Chi Minh City. With many years of experience and professionalism, we have built a strong position in the mechanical industry. Below are the key characteristics that highlight our position and role:

Experts in gear processing: With a team of experienced technicians, we are leading experts in gear processing. Our in-depth understanding of processes and technical requirements helps us meet all customer needs.

Modern and diverse equipment: Viet Son Mechanical owns a modern and diverse system of machinery and equipment. This enables us to perform gear processing according to different scales and requirements, from small orders to large projects.

Commitment to quality assurance: We are committed to maintaining and improving the quality of our services, to meet and exceed customer expectations. Strict quality control processes ensure that every product meets standards and technical requirements.

Dedicated and flexible service: With the philosophy of dedicated service, we always listen and are flexible to all customer requests. This flexibility helps us optimize working processes and quickly respond to changes or special requests from customers.

Towards sustainable development: We are committed to constantly developing and improving, applying the latest technologies to maintain a leading position in the industry. This helps us not only meet but also exceed customer expectations.

Viet Son Mechanical is confident that, with our professionalism and commitment, we will continue to be the top choice partner in the field of gear processing in Ho Chi Minh City.

Contact us

► Contact for processing: 0922 668 868 (Zalo – Viber – WhatsApp)
► Address: Lot C2-7, Road N7, Tan Phu Trung Industrial Park, Tan Phu Trung Commune, Cu Chi District, City. HCM
► Website:
► Email: [email protected]
► Facebook: Viet Son Mechanical
► Youtube: Viet Son Mechanical


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