Viet Son- Prestigiously known for processing unit of stainless steel in Ho Chi Minh City

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Modern stainless steel processing machines and equipment in Viet Son
Modern stainless steel processing machines and equipment in Viet Son

Viet son- Having a prestigious stainless steel processing unit in Ho Chi Minh City and is highly appreciated for the quality of the products and services thanks to the following factors:

  • Experienced staff members: In the field of processing stainless steel, staff must have extensive knowledge and are professionally trained to ensure the highest quality of production and processing of stainless steel.
  • Modern equipment: Modern stainless-steel processing and production units are imported from advanced countries. This helps ensures the precision and durability of the product.
  • High-quality stainless-steel materials: Viet Son is committed to using high-quality stainless-steel materials imported from reputable manufacturers. This ensures the durability and gloss of the stainless-steel products.
  • Having a diverse array of processing products to meet all needs: We are capable of manufacturing stainless steel products according to customer’s available drawings or samples. We can also process a variety of products including industrial stainless steel processing products, stainless steel processing for civil needs, decorative stainless-steel products and many other stainless teel products.
  • Focus on providing the best service: We will always listen and respond to your customer’s requests in the best and fastest way possible. Our technical team will always try their best to find the best solution for our customers. In addition, Viet Son commits to comply on the agreed schedule with customers.

With all the above factors, Viet Son is proud to be a reputable and high-quality stainless-steel processing unit in Ho Chi Minh City while meeting some of the strictest requirements of costumers. We hope to cooperate and be of service to you in the future.

Stainless steel processing in demand at Viet Son

Fast and high precision stainless steel processing
Fast and high precision stainless steel processing

The process of processing stainless steel in Viet Son includes these following steps:

Step 1: Receiving processing request

Customers will first contact us and provide information on the products that need stainless steel processing. Our team of technicians will then consult with the customer and offer the most optimal design solutions for the product.

Step 2: Product design

After the customer accepts the design solution, we will create a product design on the Solidworks software to fully determine the necessary specifications for the stainless-steel processing.

Step 3: Choose stainless steel material

Once everything has been approved, Viet Son will then choose the stainless-steel materials according to the technical requirements. This ensures the best quality for the product.

Step 4: Mechanical processing

After completing all the steps above, Viet Son will then conduct a mechanical process for the product according to the design. This process will be done on modern technological machines, ensuring the best precision and product quality..

Step 5: Testing and perfecting

After all the mechanical processes are complete, the product will be tested to ensure that it meets the set of specifications required. After the product passes all the tests, Viet Son Mechanical will conduct a product finishing which includes polishing and galvanizing to the increase the durability and appearance of the product.

Step 6: Delivery

Products will then finally be checked one last time before delivering it to the customer.

Stainless steel processing products on demand at Viet Son

Stainless steel processing products on demand at Viet Son
Stainless steel processing products on demand at Viet Son

Viet Son processes stainless steel for a variety of products such as:

  • Stainless steel products in most industries: Machine frames, protective covers, electrical cabinets, mechanical parts, etc.
  • Stainless steel products in the food and medical industries: food production machines, food display cabinets, food racks, medical baskets, hand washing sinks, etc.
  • Stainless steel products in the construction industry: Stairs, railings, bulkheads, doors handrails, etc.
  • Stainless steel products in the furniture industry: Dining tables, sofas, beds, wardrobes, etc.

Questions that are asked about stainless-steel processing services at Viet Son

Price listings of demanding stainless-steel products today
Price listings of demanding stainless-steel products today

How much is the price of stainless-steel processing on demand?

The price list of stainless-steel processing on demand at Viet Son depends on many factors such as: difficulty of the product, quantity of product, stainless steel material used, processing time, etc.

We make specific plans and quote for the customer after evaluating the requirements, design and technical analysis of the product.

Furthermore, if customers want to know about the price listings of stainless steel processing , please contact us directly via hotline  0898 679797 – 0922 668 868 or email us at  [email protected] for more information. We are committed to providing reasonable, competing prices in the market and ensuring quality of the products manufactured and processed in Viet Son.

Does Viet Son accept processing complex stainless-steel products on request?

Yes, Viet Son specializes in custom-made stainless-steel products, including complex stainless steel-products. We have a team of experienced technicians and staff members who are all highly trained in processing and manufacturing diverse and complex stainless-steel products.

With modern equipment, advanced processing technology, high quality stainless-steel materials and professional production process, Viet Son is committed to meeting all the strict requirements of customers for complex stainless-steel products while ensuring progress and the quality of the product at the same time.

If you have any complex stainless-steel products that needs to be processed, please contact Viet Son for more information including detailed advice and quotations.

Notes when ordering a stainless-steel process on request

Notes when ordering a stainless-steel process on request
Notes when ordering a stainless-steel process on request

When ordering a stainless-steel process on request, customers should note these few things to ensure the quality of the product and save costs:

  • Choose a reputable and quality processing unit: Customers should learn carefully about the stainless-steel processing unit before deciding to order. They should choose a reputable, experienced, and highly appreciated units in the field of stainless-steel processing.
  • Provide detailed information and requirements: To ensure that the product is processed correctly, the customer should provide detailed information and requirements including size, design, quantity, the purpose of the product, etc.
  • Using high-quality stainless-steel materials: The higher quality of material will help the product have better durability and shine. Customers should always ask the processing unit to provide good quality stainless-steel materials.
  • Agreement on time and price: Before we start the processing stage, customers should check and agree upon a time and price with us to avoid any unnecessary disputes later on.
  • Checking on the product before receiving it: Customers should check the product carefully before receiving it to ensure that the product meets the requirements and quality of the customer.

We hope that the information we provided above will help our customers understand more about stainless-steel processing services on request. With many years of experience, Viet Son Mechanical is committed to receiving customized stainless-steel processing to meet all of our customer’s requirements with a product of good quality, high accuracy, and a quick processing time. Please contact Viet Son for more information and support!


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